TRON: LEGACY Viral is Active Again; Check Out What We Got in the Mail

     October 22, 2010

With Tron: Legacy getting released in a few months, I knew it was only a matter of time before the viral campaign would start up again.  And with a package arriving at the Collider office this morning, I think today is the day.

As you can see in the pictures, we received a cool game character (from Super Monkey Ball) with a note directing us to  This is the same site that launched awhile back where people needed to figure out the 57 games on the grid and if you completed the task, you got a cool badge in the mail.  If you go to the site today, you’ll see they’ve raised it to 167 games.  I started playing and once I got to 125 games a pop up happened which told me to make sure my info was up to date.  I’d imagine when I enter all 167 games, this will earn me something in the mail like last time.  I grabbed a screenshot so you can see what happens.

Also, whoever is running this viral added the Tron: Legacy WonderCon event into the game!! I grabbed a screenshot so you can see a crowd holding Flynn Live signs and there is also someone parachuting down into the crowd!  Hit the jump for more:

While I’m not the biggest viral guy, I will say the Tron: Legacy stuff has been very cool.  Also, anything that encourages me to try and remember old video games is awesome.

If you’re a fan of Tron and don’t want to miss out on getting something for free in the mail…I’d go to and start to play.

Finally, next week is Tron Night: An IMAX Experience.  It’s like Avatar day last year where Disney will be showing audiences around the country about twenty minutes from Tron: Legacy.  I’d imagine the viral campaign for Tron is going to shift into high gear shortly after Tron Night.  But that’s just a guess….

Here’s some pictures from inside the game:

and check out this image! They recreated the WonderCon event from this year in the fraking game!

here’s what came in the mail:


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