TRUE BLOOD Creator Alan Ball to Direct Back-to-Back Features I AM CHIPPENDALES and I DREAM OF GENE

     September 6, 2013


While HBO’s soapy vampire drama True Blood is poised to end its series run after next season, the show’s creator is lining up a couple of feature film projects to direct.  Alan Ball, who stepped down from his True Blood showrunner post last year, has lined up I Am Chippendales as his next directorial feature, after which he will helm his take on the genie and the lamp story I Dream of Gene.  Deadline reports that Ball will also pen the script for Chippendales, which tells the stranger than fiction origin story of the titular club.  Steve Banerjee co-founded Chippendales after immigrating to the U.S. and first working at a gas pump.  As he became inundated with excess and riches, he grew paranoid and later hired a hit man to murder a Chippendales choreographer and two ex dancers.

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Ball previously won the Oscar for penning the American Beauty script, and I Am Chippendales will mark his first feature film script to go into production since 2007’s Towelhead.  The plan is to start filming on Chippendales in January.  As for Gene, that film is described as a contemporary broad comedy that focuses on “a lost man who becomes the master of an irreverent male genie.”  Ball wrote that script as well.  In addition to True Blood, Ball also created and ran Six Feet Under and currently serves as executive producer on Cinemax’s Banshee.

When he vacated his True Blood showrunner role, Ball stated that he intended to work on other projects.  It appears that he has indeed been very busy over the last year, and the plan to is move from Chippendales right into Gene.


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