TRUE BLOOD Recap: “Fresh Blood”

     August 29, 2010


With the conclusion of tonight’s penultimate episode, we’ve reached the end of season three.  Of course, True Blood will take next Sunday off for Labor Day weekend, which means we won’t get the finale until September 12th.  It’s worth noting the first run of last week’s episode was the highest rated the show has ever seen (5.39 million, 3.0 in 18-49).  So for all the problems I’ve had with this season, it seems I’m in the minority.

Hit the jump for a review of “Fresh Blood,” the eleventh episode of season three.

true_blood_season_3_image_lafayette_jesusJesus and Crystal were both relatively minor characters this season, but it looks like the show is paving the way for each to take on a more crucial role next season.  Potentially.  I like Jesus and his interactions with Lafayette, but I’m still not sure what to think of the mythology they teased with the V trip.  (Maybe it ties in with the self-proclaimed Wiccan waitress?)  A neat casting addition, though.

Crystal could go either way, at this point.  Depends on what she and her species bring to the table now that she’s no longer an enigma — or less of one.  I’m interested to see if werepanthers have any relationship (contentious or otherwise) with werewolves.  I think I made a mistake in assuming that the werewolves would be at the center of the season three storyline.  They are now a tool the writers have on hand, to be called upon whenever the plot could use it.  Makes sense.

Sam’s storyline this season has taken the scenic route, but it has now led to something interesting.  The drunk, angry Sam we saw tonight is an interesting path for the character, particularly after the flashback we saw last week.  Loved the scene with him mocking his nice-guy reputation. Kudos to Sam Trammell for selling it — a lesser actor may have floundered with the material in these last two episodes.

I often forget to give her credit, but Carrie Preston is a great contributor the show.  Arelene is mostly a comedic character (a very funny one), but it was nice to see Preston with a meaty dramatic storyline tonight.

This episode was kinda light on the Sookie/Bill storyline, until the closing minutes, of course.  The groundwork was laid for them to take center stage in the finale, and I’m really curious how this season will conclude.  True Blood continues to excel in signing off in style, here with Eric sacrificing himself like a badass.  Any chance that Eric — and Russell, for that matter — actually die?  I have to imagine that at least Eric will somehow escape the sun before it burns him to a crisp.