Alan Ball Leaving TRUE BLOOD After Season Five

     February 27, 2012


With all the supernatural death and destruction we’ve come to love and expect on HBO’s True Blood, the last person you’d expect to be axed is showrunner Alan Ball. Word from HBO and Ball himself now confirms that if the show moves on into a sixth season, Ball will not be the day-to-day man. He does, however, have an overall contract with the network and is currently executive producing Banshee for sister station, Cinemax. It seems like a good deal for both parties: HBO will keep Ball in the loop while Ball will be (somewhat) free to go after other creative pursuits. The upcoming fifth season of True Blood starts this summer. Hit the jump to see what HBO and Ball had to say.

Deadline confirmed true-blood-alan-ballthat Ball will indeed be leaving True Blood, at least in a full-time capacity, after the show completes its fifth season. Check out the statements from the interested parties below:

HBO: When we extended our overall deal with Alan Ball in July 2011, we always intended that if we proceeded to True Blood’s sixth season that Alan would take a supervisory role on the series and not be the day-to-day showrunner.  If we proceed to season six, the show will remain in the very capable hands of the talented team of writers and producers who have been with the show for a number of years.  This is the best possible world for both HBO and Alan Ball.  Alan will remain available as executive producer to consult and advise on True Blood and he will be free to develop new shows for both HBO and Cinemax.  Banshee, on which Alan serves as executive producer, is the first in house series for Cinemax and is expected to begin production this spring.

Alan Ball: “True Blood has been, and will continue to be, a highlight of not only my career but my life.  Because of the fantastic cast, writers, producers and crew, with whom I have been lucky enough to work these past five years, I know I could step back and the show will continue to thrive as I look forward to new and exciting ventures.”