HBO Releases Three New TRUE BLOOD Season Five Teaser Clips

     June 1, 2012


Despite the fandom’s ritual end-of-season swearing off of True Blood, every summer on the eve of the show’s return it starts looking good again, pulling viewers back in like maenads to a bacchanal.  At the very least, Season Five has added Christopher Meloni, Scott Foley and Alexander Drew (as a little kid vampire)  to the cast, plus the return of fan favorite character Russell Edgington as well as the Evangelical Steve Newlin (now a vamp!)

HBO has just released a trio of teaser clips for the upcoming season, which starts June 10th at 9pm, to whet our appetites like a platter of Merlotte’s spicy buffalo wings. Hit the jump for the videos as well as some analysis.

Let’s kick things off with this great advertisement for vampire house cleaners. Over the last four seasons, the Vampire League have tried desperately to connect the vampire community with regular folks, yet failed miserably. You know what regular folks like? Having their house cleaned in less than a minute by a Viking. Look into that, guys.

This exchange feels familiar. Never change, True Blood. Allow me to offer a translation:

Sookie: Remember that really dumb plot device where Bill and Eric didn’t bother cutting the head off of an extremely powerful and vengeful vampire, but instead just put him concrete? That stuff didn’t hold.

Alcide: So now you are in danger. I think you should come sleep with, I mean stay with me.

Sookie: I would really prefer to stay in this house completely unprotected where so many terrible things have happened instead.

Alcide: That’s so typical of you to make the seemingly brave but really incredibly stupid choice. Come to my doghouse.

Sookie: Well, there’s this other thing, see … I killed your fiancée, so …


Finally, here we have the juiciest of the three clips, mostly because Terry and Arlene are still likable, they have a demon baby, and there’s Scott Foley. Plus, at the word “fire,” Scott Foley’s character Patrick starts getting really obviously shifty-eyed with Terry, who sort of menacingly asks him what his problem is. It’s very likely one of these guys is going to turn out to be bad  — after all, don’t forget Rene’s ghost warning Arlene at the end of Season Four that Terry’s past was not behind him, and she should run.

Excited for True Blood? Have predictions for the upcoming season? Keep an eye out for a comprehensive review of prior seasons in the next few days to get you prepared to return to Bon Temps. No werepanthers welcome.