TRUE BLOOD Recap: “Don’t You Feel Me?”

     July 21, 2013


Inspired by Game of Thrones, apparently, True Blood decided to have its own Red Wedding of sorts in “Don’t You Feel Me?”  There had been rumors that a major character would not make it through the season, and that it would change the course of the show.  I can’t say that that was really the case, but I can say that objectively speaking, culling down some of the cast is not a bad idea.  The issue is who they are choosing the cut.  If the show is going to get back to its roots next season (as was mentioned at SDCC), then there is a whole lotta crazy that needs to be tamed or eliminated in the remaining episodes.  Unfortunately, those who lost their lives in “Don’t You Feel Me?” didn’t really contribute to that.  Hit the jump for more on why “there goes the damn neighborhood.”

Terry Bellefleur deserved better.  His character was pretty butchered last year, and the only thing that made his boring plots slightly less boring than Sam or Alcide’s was his connection to Arlene.  But we need Terry as another human that keeps the show grounded — not just a human, but a good man and someone who actually shows up to work at Merlotte’s (probably their only reliable employee).  The Patrick storyline was awful, but once Terry was glamoured (such a good idea, why didn’t anyone think of this before?) things were really nice.  I could watch Terry and Arlene interact with people and each other all day.  Instead, R.I.P., soldier.

true blood dont you feel me alexander skarsgaardI think those of us who have stuck with True Blood this year can admit the season has been very good (by True Blood standards).  The shortened episode number means a tighter narrative flow, and new showrunners have infused the show with new life.  The biggest complaint though revolves around, per usual, Sam and Alcide.  Both guys are good guys at heart, both are extremely attractive, but their plots could bore a vampire into the true death.  For a moment they were united around Emma, but it wasn’t a strong bond (obviously), and it deteriorated quickly and violently.  The power of pack-master went to Alcide’s head quickly and has seemed totally out of character.  Where is the nice construction worker from two seasons ago?

If the show was going to starting thinning the ranks, getting rid of some of the supernaturals wouldn’t have been a bad place to start.  Nora, for instance, who may still expire in the next few weeks from Hep V, is a leftover from that awful Authority plot.  She hasn’t had anything to do recently, and she looks an awful lot like Willa, who has a much more compelling story at this point.

But, True Blood has shown that anything is possible this season by not only killing Terry but also by having the Governor quickly beheaded by Bill.  That raised the stakes.  The Governor was never going to likely be anything more than a one-off season villain anyway, but his quick death and the rise of Sarah Newlin, who (according to next week’s previews) looks like she plans to hide his death and take over, was a great twist.  It also gives Willa new dimension.  She might have vehemently disagreed with her father, but she certainly wasn’t expecting him to lose his had that same afternoon.

true blood dont you feel me jasonThere were lots of interesting elements to “Don’t You Feel Me?” and further indication that the (latest) new showrunner has a definite direction for the show and the characters.  The real question will be if and how they can bring Alcide and Sam back into the fold, or find an artful way to phase them out (like some of the other supernaturals of the past).

Episode Rating: A-

Musings and Miscellanea:

— I liked this episode, but there will never be enough what-the-fuck to describe those last three minutes.

— It’s irritating that Warlow had to save Sookie, the damsel in distress, again.  His pledge of eternal love and her just giving in to being a “danger whore” was predictable.  The fairy sex was kind of hilarious though (glowing genitals!)

— The advent of Vampire James did not make up for the lack of balance between female and male nudity in this episode.  Shameful.  The camera should have panned down further on Warlow …

— Speaking of Vampire James, how gross was that scene of (almost) forced sex?

— It was exceptionally sad that Sookie’s father came back to try to drown her.  Also totally unnecessary.  Is nothing sacred?

— Being tied up and wanting to talk sounds like a boring new fetish.

— Does anyone care about Nicole?  At all?

— Bill being impervious to the bullets then making the gunmen turn on each other was actually kinda badass.  Him whining to Lilith is not.  Also, is Lilith not the most casual god ever?  She’s chatty and colloquial about some things, and only cryptic when it suits her.  Never been a fan.  Kill her again, Warlow!

true blood dont you feel me anna paquin— Nice subversion with the Pam / Eric fight early on.  Eric dressed up in that military gear reminded me of the character he played on Generation Kill (which you should watch if you haven’t seen it).

— I still hate that they tarnished Jessica with the killing of the fairy girls.

— Adalene-Brailyn-Charlaine-Danica.  Where to begin?  Andy asking Holly’s advice about it though was sweet.  Charlaine of course is for Harris, the creator of the book series, who seems to hate the TV show.

No Funyuns!!!

— There are few things that are less appetizing than watching a whore eat a bucket of chicken naked in a cheap motel room.

— “This is all pretty sick, so it must be your idea” – Jason

— “My son’s friend’s dad’s husband.” – Holly