First Teaser Trailer for Season 6 of TRUE BLOOD

     March 31, 2013


The first teaser trailer for True Blood has hit the Internet.  While the show hasn’t recently been receiving the critical acclaim that had with its first couple of seasons, it’ll be interesting to see where the show goes now that Alan Ball is no longer the showrunner.  The midseason filming departure of Mark Hudis may not bode very well for the upcoming season, but the trailer itself does present an eerie and unsettling vibe from the fallout of the season five finale that could prove worth exploring.

The shorter episode order for this season could be HBO’s way of weening off of True Blood.  Series star Alexander Skarsgard has certainly used the show as a launching pad for his career in film, and Anna Paquin has been successfully navigating features since her Oscar-winning childhood debut.  True Blood may be able to squeeze out a seventh season, but I don’t personally see it moving beyond that.  With the premiere of the sixth season of the HBO show coming up on June 16th, expect more teasers and promos to be coming throughout the spring.  Hit the jump to check out the trailer.

Via HBO.