TRUE DETECTIVE: Colin Farrell in Talks for Season 2 of the Hit HBO Series; Taylor Kitsch Also in the Mix

     July 11, 2014


True Detective season 2 may have finally begun casting its major roles as Colin Farrell is in talks to join the hit HBO series.  Additionally, Taylor Kitsch might be in the mix as well  Earlier today, we posted an interview with HBO’s President of Programming Michael Lombardo and Chairman and CEO Richard Plepler, and Lombardo said he assumed “at least some announcements will be happening in the next week.”  Since Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson got two juicy roles and earned nominations for Best Actor in a Drama Series, the show is presumably a hot ticket in Hollywood for actors and actresses looking for rich material in an acclaimed series that won’t permanently take them away from acting in movies.  Yesterday, creator and writer Nic Pizzolatto revealed that there will be four central roles, and now Farrell presumably has one of them, and Kitsch is being eyed for a part as well.

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winters-tale-colin-farrellAccording to Deadline, “HBO would not confirm any of the potential castings,” but the entertainment news website is “confident that Farrell will be in the cast.”  Additionally, The Wrap reports that Farrell is close to signing a deal for the older, “rugged and gritty” male lead while Kitsch is being eyed for the younger male lead.

A couple months ago, there were rumblings that Jessica Chastain would be on board, but her reps denied her involvement, and there have been no more rumors about her joining the cast.  However, fans who wanted to have a more fleshed-out female lead are likely holding on to hope that one of the two remaining “central characters” will be a talented actress such as Chastain.

Signing on for True Detective would be a nice change-up for Farrell even though I think he has yet to really deliver on a dramatic role since In Bruges, which still has comedic elements.  However, when combined with him starring in The Lobster, the first English-language movie from Dogtooth director Giorgos Lanthimos, tackling True Detective shows that the actor is willing to branch out.

As for Kitsch, I continue to be a fan of the guy even though he’s associated with much maligned movies such as John Carter (a film I think is enjoyable) and Battleship.  While his movies are a mixed bag, a return to television might be a good fit considering his best performance on the small screen thus far was on Friday Night Lights.

Based off what Pizzolatto, McConaughey, and Harrelson accomplished in season one, there’s obviously a very high bar, which means daunting expectations when it comes to casting.  I can’t judge how good any of the casting will be since I don’t know anything about the roles or what Pizzolatto plans to do in season two, but I hope that these roles will be as challenging and intriguing as what we got before.


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