‘True Detective’: HBO Has Given Nic Pizzolatto Three Options for Season 3

     November 18, 2015


HBO doesn’t seem to be sure what to do about its relationship with showrunner Nic Pizzolatto. On the one hand, True Detective Season 1 was an obsessive juggernaut that galvanized HBO’s winter drama slate. On the other, True Detective Season 2 was a bloated mess. And yet, both seasons brought in huge numbers of viewers. So do you break-up, or double-down?

As we reported yesterday, HBO has chosen the latter, but now we’ve learned of some interesting codicils in the deal. For one, according to VarietyTrue Detective Season 3 is not a sure thing. However, the hilarious part is how HBO apparently phrased its three options to Pizzolatto, should it go ahead: he can either work with a staff of writers, have an outside showrunner come in, or … just keep doing what he’s been doing (writing/showrunning it all himself).


Image via HBO

In other words: “We love what you’re doing. It’s great, it’s gold. You know what would be even better? If you weren’t involved. Or not! You can totally try that whole auteur thing again. Totally … (please don’t)”

It’s just the most bizarrely passive aggressive way to try and shake up the way the show is handled. Three options isn’t really three options when one option is “or just keep doing what you want.” And reportedly, HBO is waiting to hear anything back from Pizzolatto so they can move forward. (Which, again, suggests an oldd balance of power: “Hurry up! Or not … please?”)

But, the overall deal is much bigger than that, as it includes a numbers of other new projects Pizzolatto is developing. As far as a third season of True Detective, though, we’ll keep you updated on any new details as they become available.

In the meantime, what would you like to see from a Season 3, if you think Season 3 should happen at all? And which option do you think Pizzolatto will choose or should choose? Personally, I think a writing staff would be the key component to a new season, and to add to that, going back to a single director for the whole thing (just like Cary Fukunaga for Season 1). I think that push-and-pull, creatively, is one thing that made Season 1 so great. Give us your thoughts!

(And though we haven’t played “Caption This” in awhile, that headline image is begging for it).


Image via HBO