TURBO KID Trailer Shows off BMX, Gore and Skeletron

     January 28, 2015


I’m always down for an outrageous splatter film, but what makes Turbo Kid an especially memorable display of action, blood and gore is the fact that the film’s actually got some genuine heart to it, too.  Munro Chambers leads as The Kid, a teenager who’s been on his own in a post-apocalyptic world for years.  He’s managed to get by, but when the local overlord Zeus (Michael Ironside) abducts his only friend, The Kid comes to realize he’s got to step up, channel his favorite superhero, Turbo Rider, and become a hero himself.

In honor of the film’s Sundance premiere, Epic Pictures just unveiled the very first Turbo Kid trailer.  You can check it out below and if you’d like even more information on what it took to make the film happen, you can watch my interview with directors François Simard, Anouk Whissell and Yoann-Karl Whissell right hereTurbo Kid also stars Laurence Leboeuf, Aaron Jeffery and Edwin Wright.

Via Epic Pictures Group. (Warning: This trailer is NSFW!)

Here’s the official Turbo Kid synopsis via Sundance:

It’s 1997. In a ruined post-apocalyptic world, the orphaned Kid survives on his own through drought-ridden nuclear winter, traversing the Wasteland on his BMX, scavenging for scraps to trade for a scant supply of water. When his perpetually chipper, pink-haired new best friend Apple is kidnapped by a minion of evil overlord Zeus, the Kid summons the courage of his comic book hero and prepares to deliver turbocharged justice to Zeus, his buzzsaw-handed sidekick Skeletron, and their vicious masked army.


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