‘Twin Peaks’ EW Covers Reveal the Reunited Cast

     March 23, 2017


Twin Peaks is back! Well, soon. Indeed filmmaker David Lynch’s revival premieres on Showtime on May 21st, and while we’re a little under two months away, we still know next to nothing about what’s in store. Lynch is remaining extremely tight-lipped about the whole affair, only confirming that Kyle MacLachlan is reprising his role as Dale Cooper. Lynch and Mark Frost are once again the brains behind the operation, and indeed the 18 new installments were conceived and shot as one long movie instead of separate episodes. Lynch directed them all, and now it looks like we might get a tiny peek of what’s ahead as Twin Peaks leads the covers for this week’s Entertainment Weekly.

So far all we have are the covers, but it’s enough—we see a variety of characters back in costume, and it’s a reminder of just how much time has passed since Twin Peaks went off the air. The show enraptured viewers in its first season, but as Lynch got more, well, Lynchian in the second season the viewership trailed off. It ended with a cliffhanger Season 2 finale, and it’ll be interesting to see where these new episodes pick up.

Showtime president and CEO David Nevins does offer a sliver of details, saying the revival will answer some burning questions:

Twin Peaks is a cosmology. What I think is satisfying about the new version is that it’s a deeper exploration of that stuff. What is the Red Room? How does the Red Room work? Where is Agent Cooper? Can he make it back?”

We’ll no doubt get more clarity as EW continues its rollout of the cover story, but for now check out the covers themselves below which reveal the return of Sherilyn Fenn (Audrey Horne), Madchen Amick (Shelly Johnson), Dana Ashbrook (Bobby Briggs), James Marshall (James Hurley), Peggy Lipton (Norma Jennings), Everett McGill (Big Ed Hurley), Wendy Robie (Nadine Hurley), and Sheryl Lee (Laura Palmer and Madeleine Ferguson).