TWIN PEAKS Season 3 Gets Expanded 18-Episode Order

     May 25, 2015


Let the celebrations continue! David Lynch is officially back in the director’s chair for Twin Peaks season 3, and according to stars Sheryl Lee and Sherilyn Fenn the new season just got a doubled 18-episode order. Of course, until we hear confirmation from the network, it’s best to take this news with a grain of salt. Even so, the idea of twice as much Twin Peaks is damn fine news.

Showtime’s revival series has been through a number of ups and downs over the last few months after it was announced last October to wildly enthusiastic fan response. Then, in March, word surfaced of “complications” in the development process and Lynch dropped off the project in a well-fought round of public negotiations, stating that he felt he was not offered enough money to do the script “the way it needed to be done.” Lynch (and the world) won out in the end, and he re-confirmed his involvement earlier this month to the relief of fans everywhere. Now it seems that Lynch’s issue wasn’t just over budget, but over time and space he needed to tell the story thoroughly.


Image via ABC

While at the Seattle Crypticon, series stars Lee and Fenn spoke to the convention audience about the upcoming third season, and revealed some interesting details including the doubled episode order, the return of the Double R diner and confirmation that the new season will include the music of Angelo Badalamenti.

When asked about nearly losing Lynch as director, Fenn seemed thrilled that he was back in the director’s chair and confused that it was ever an option to go on without him. She also revealed the expanded episode order.

“I’m so happy we’re back on…and 18 episodes now, even. I’m pretty sure that’s what happened with the hiccup was that David Said that he saw Twin Peaks, but the universe and the strings go all over the place in the world, it’s not just Twin Peaks. I think when he did the nine, he realized he needed nine more to complete it.”

twin-peaks-season-3When a fan asked about the original locations, Fenn was quick to confirm,

“We’re shooting there. 100%…[David’s] already come here. They’re re-doing the RR diner to look exactly like it did in the show, and then the owners of the diner are going to keep it that way.”

Fenn also revealed plans to “definitely” use music from Angelo Badalamenti, who crafted the musical voice of the original series, saying, “Those are pivotal, important, essential parts of it.”

Aside from the updates on Twin Peaks season 3, Fenn and Lee also shared a lot of fun behind the scenes stories about the making of the original series. Check out a video of the full panel below (via Welcome to Twin Peaks).

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Image via ABC