David Lynch Says TWIN PEAKS Season 3 is “Happening Again”

     May 15, 2015


Get ready for some damn good coffee. The Twin Peaks season 3 miniseries is a go! After some public disagreements with Showtime, it seems series creators David Lynch and Mark Frost have resolved their issues with the network and are moving forward with the planned 9-episode series. Check out Lynch’s celebratory tweet below and break out the cherry pie.

The revival series was first announced last October to wildly enthusiastic response, with Lynch and Frost promising to answer fan’s lingering questions, before word of “complications” surfaced in March.  Following that, Lynch took to twitter for a little public negotiation, stating that the series may very well be moving forward, but it would have to be without him because he felt he was not offered enough money to do the script “the way it needed to be done.”


Image via ABC

And now those twitter negotiations have paid off. Not only is Twin Peaks still happening, it’s happening with Lynch in the director’s chair as the gods always intended.While we don’t know much about plans for the revival series yet, we do know that it’s a sequel to the original series with Kyle MacLachlan locked to return as Agent Dale Cooper. I honestly can’t imagine what a Lynch-less Twin Peaks might have looked like, but I’m sure glad we’ll never have to find out.

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Image via ABC