Bad News: ‘Twin Peaks’ Return Delayed Until 2017

     November 3, 2015

twin-peaks-sliceWell, damn. Showtime’s Twin Peaks revival series has officially been delayed to 2017 …which actually isn’t very surprising news (though it is bad news). Variety reports that CBS Corporation chief Leslie Moonves revealed the new date today during a network third-quarter earnings conference call.

Series creator, and all around auteur of the bizarre, David Lynch is returning to direct the entire new season and it was a notoriously rough start. Back in April, Lynch dropped off the project because he felt he wasn’t getting the time and budget he needed to fulfill his vision. About a month later, he was back on board, seemingly satisfied with his shiny new episode order, which is rumored to have doubled from a 9-episode season to an 18-episode run.


Image via ABC

Naturally, doubling the episode order is going to increase the production time, and just in August, Showtime head David Nevins addressed the press at TCA and while he seemed hopeful for a 2016 release, he was very clear that the show would be done in exactly the amount of time it took Lynch to finish it. Which, I think if we’re all being honest, is exactly what we want to see. It sucks that we’ll have to wait a little longer for Lynch’s vision to arrive on our screens, but when it finally does, we’ll know that it was exactly the show he wanted to make in exactly the time he needed to make it right.

We still don’t know anything about where the story will go in the new season, and the recent teaser trailer did nothing to clarify. Twin Peaks recently picked up some excellent new cast members in Amanda Seyfried and Peter SarsgardBalthazar Getty, and Robert Knepper, who have all joined the series in undisclosed roles. We do know that Kyle MacLachlan is returning as Agent Dale Cooper and….well, actually no, that’s all we know. The very brief teaser featured Michael J. Anderson‘s Man from Another Place, so it’s as safe to assume he’s returning as it’s safe to assume anything in a Lynch production, which is to say not at all. Unfortunately, it’s now going to be a lot longer before we get any answers.