‘Twin Peaks’: Behind-the-Scenes Featurette Brings Back Familiar Faces & Some New Ones

     October 18, 2016


With Fall TV nearly at an end, eyes now turn to what to expect from 2017. Well, okay, there’s going to be a wonderful break between the end of all these premieres and the beginning of the 2017 season that will involve expressly not looking at a TV. That’s unfortunately not going to last too long, however, and there are plenty of good shows that won’t conclude until December or later. So, yeah, we’ll be watching TV forever, it seems.


Image via CBS

Regardless, the only thing that seems to really matter for serious television fans is the return of Twin Peaks, David Lynch‘s ingenious, impossibly influential CBS series that concluded in the 1990s. Following some production and monetary issues, Showtime secured Lynch to direct and co-write most of the new series, which will bring back a large helping of the original cast, including Kyle MacLachlan and James Marshall. And as the new production video, which Showtime released today, shows, there are plenty of new faces visiting the eerie titular town, such as James Belushi, Chrysta Bell, and Robert Knepper.

The new video, which you can take a look at right below, doesn’t give us much to go on as far as technique or narrative or even setting really, but for fans of the show, the very idea of seeing MacLachlan and Lynch working together again on this series will be enough to enter the sublime. And that’s mostly what the video is, with a few quick video interview with various cast members going on about how great the energy felt, how it’s the same but different, how amazing it is to work with Lynch, and so on. It’s a bit hammy, but as it so happens, I am one of those people who gets tremendous pleasure from just seeing MacLachlan and Lynch work together again.

Here’s the behind-the-scenes featurette on the new season of Twin Peaks: