Ty Burrell and Max Charles Talk MR. PEABODY & SHERMAN, Bill Scott, Honoring the Original, Recording with Cookies, FINDING DORY and More

     March 5, 2014


Based on the characters Mr. Peabody and Sherman from The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, DreamWorks Animation’s Mr. Peabody & Sherman tells the story of a boy who’s adopted by the smartest dog in the world.  However, much unlike the original 1960s material, this 3D CG-animated version doesn’t just feature the pair exploring the past courtesy of Mr. Peabody’s time travel machine, the WABAC; it also chronicles the evolution of their relationship as father and son.

With Mr. Peabody and Sherman making its way into theaters on Friday, March 7th, Collider got the opportunity to sit down with the duo responsible for bringing these characters back to life, Ty Burrell and Max Charles.  Catch what Burrell had to say about paying homage to the man responsible for voicing the original Mr. Peabody, Bill Scott, the tricks Charles used to put himself in Sherman’s shoes while in the sparse sound booth, an update on Finding Dory and loads more after the jump.

Ty Burrell and Max Charles:

  • On striking the balance between honoring the original voice work and adapting to the new material.
  • Using props and setting the scene while in the sound booth.
  • A demonstration of how Charles makes it sound as though his character is buried in the desert sand.
  • Burrell’s pre-performance prep process.
  • The big difference between Charles’ beagle and Mr. Peabody.
  • Burrell on Finding Dory.

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