New TYRANT Trailer Reveals a First Look at Season 2’s High Stakes

     June 10, 2015


I’ve been a little tough on Tyrant, especially in my surprise at it being renewed for a second season. But sometimes it takes series a little time to really come into its own, and to make adjustments that propel a just-ok show into something really good. And while Tyrant struggled to make that happen in its first season, there are still many elements to it that could be shaped into something great in Season 2. (And FX, it seems, is willing to give it the margins to do so. And FX should usually be trusted).

In a new short featurette for Season 2, several of Tyrant’s cast members discuss the high stakes and family drama that is to come, including Jamal (Ashram Barhom) feeling compelled to sentence his brother Barry (Adam Rayner) to death after Barry’s failed coup. Molly (Jennifer Finnigan), meanwhile, is trapped in Abudeen, with an uncertain future given Barry’s status. Ahmed (Cameron Gharaee) and Nusrat (Sibyl Deen) also face some hard truths about their relationship, while Leila (Moran Atias) tries to hold everything together.

Check out the first look trailer below. Tyrant Season 2 returns to FX on Tuesday, June 16th.


Image via FX


Image via FX


Image via FX