Uma Thurman Talks CEREMONY, BEL AMI With Robert Pattinson, Karaoke, and Future Plans

     April 7, 2011

Uma Thurman CEREMONY BEL AMI slice

With writer/director Max Winkler’s feature debut Ceremony opening this weekend in limited release, I recently got to speak with Uma Thurman.  Ceremony tells the story of a young man (Michael Angarano) who falls in love with an older man’s fiancée (Thurman) while spending a weekend at the older man’s beachside estate.  The film also stars Lee Pace, Rebecca Mader and Reece Thompson.

During the interview, Thurman talked about growing up in Massachusetts, was she asked to appear at the New Beverly for Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair, how did she get involved with Ceremony, was Winkler precious with the screenplay or did he allow room for freedom with the material, finding chemistry with other actors, who she plays in Bel Ami, what’s her go-to karaoke song, and a lot more. Hit the jump to watch.

Finally, while there are a lot of films playing this weekend, I thought Ceremony was a great debut from Winkler.  It’s definitely worth your time.

Uma Thurman

  • :12 Since she’s from Boston, does she miss Dunkin Donuts? Says she thinks Massachusetts it’s the most wonderful place.
  • :58 What’s her go-to karaoke song?
  • 1:39 Has Quentin Tarantino talked to her about appearing at the screening of Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair at the New Beverly coming up. Says she might not be able to make it because her children will be on spring break and they’re going on vacation.
  • 2:09 Was it an immediate “yes” when she was approached with the material? Says it was for this film. Says director Max Winkler has a quality where he seems much older than he really is.
  • 3:04 Was Winkler precious with the screenplay or did he allow room for freedom with the material? Says he’s not like that at all, and his behavior on set was like a director who had made seven films. Was very enlivening.
  • 3:49 Talks about finding chemistry in films. How hard/easy it is to have chemistry with other actors. Says you find your chemistry in the character, but you can’t ever predict how working with another actor will feel.
  • 4:45 Talks about Bel-Ami, says she plays an incredible character in a world of men. Robert Pattison plays a powerfully intelligent young man who works his way through society via the women. Her character is a woman who is fulfilling herself through her ability to maneuver through men.
  • 6:02 Does she know what she’s doing next? Says she thinks so, and is very much enjoying going back to work after taking some time off.


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