Uma Thurman Joins Max Winkler’s CEREMONY

     September 30, 2009

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Uma Thurman will star in Max Winkler’s “Ceremony”.  You may not know the name Max Winkler for right now, but something tells me that the guy will be huge sometime soon.  He recently co-wrote “The Adventurer’s Handbook” with Jonah Hill and Matt Spicer and he also directed the pretty great web series “Clark and Michael” starring Clark Duke and Michael Cera a couple of years ago.  The guy seems to have some talent and is now gearing up to shoot his debut feature, “Ceremony”, starring Thurman and Michael Angarano (“The Forbidden Kingdom”) this fall.  You can get the full details when you click on the jump.

Variety reports that Michael Angarano is set to play “a young man who falls for an older woman (Thurman) who is about to get married.”  Thats pretty much everything we know about the film for right now.  We also know that Jason Reitman will be one of the producers for the project and that Max Winkler will both write and direct the film, which begins production in October.

There isn’t much here that gets me excited, but I am curious to see what this Max Winkler guy is all about.  I can only judge him from his work on “Clark and Michael”, but it’s enough to get me interested in this project.  I’ve also always liked Thurman and I’m interested in seeing what Angarano can bring to the role since he was excellent in last year’s “Snow Angels”.

Anyway, you can next see Uma Thurman as Medusa in “Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief” and Michael Angarano in “Gentleman Broncos” this fall.

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