UNDER THE DOME Recap: “The Endless Thirst”

     July 29, 2013


What a surprisingly apt title for Under the Dome this week.  “The Endless Thirst” could well describe CBS’s approach to programming, at least as regards this show.  What began as a miniseries has turned — thanks to incredibly high ratings in a dull and empty summer broadcast season — into a full-fledged series.  CBS announced early on Monday that the show would have a second season next year, with Stephen King penning the first episode.  But that doesn’t really make things better, and the idea that this year could end without resolution is excruciating.  At the same time, “The Endless Thirst” did up the ante and give viewers what we’ve been craving since week one, which is a start.  Finally, the Xanax wore off and the citizens of Chester’s Mill have woken up to their reality.  Hit the jump for more.

It took a nuclear bomb, or something close to it, to wake up the residents of Chester’s Mill to the fact that the dome is not going anywhere any time soon.  Faced with this, the townsfolk finally started losing it.  The problem is that while it was a relief to see people questioning the dwindling food and water supply, people surely did get to looting, killing and raping quickly, didn’t they?  It took weeks for them to understand that they probably should have rationed and organized this situation better, but since it’s all gone to hell, well, let the rape and murder commence.  These people are very volatile sheep.

Under the Dome The Endless Thirst To see anyone brained to death is difficult, but it’s even worse when the recipient is one of Sabrina the Teenage Witch’s aunts.  That’s about all we really knew of Rose, R.I.P., who ran a diner (and hotel?) and seemed like a nice woman.  But like the school teacher in the meningitis episode, we didn’t know her well enough to truly mourn.  It’s surprising though that this suddenly supremely evil character Waylon only began his reign of terror on that day.  Not content to murder a helpless older woman, he then sets to raping a comatose girl.  Bad things happen during times of chaos, but this guy just seemed like he’d been waiting for his day for awhile.

On the more morally gray spectrum, Big Jim quickly negotiated water rights with Ornery Ollie, who wanted propane in exchange for his water.  His presumption that he could keep the angry mob away from his supply seems ill considered.  This mob already looted a store and are killing each other, I think it’s safe to say that once the knowledge of the well water comes out that Ollie will have a hard time arguing property lines.  Still, Jim plays along and gives him what he wants.

For now, it’s fair to concede that this makes things more interesting than they have been.  The insulin issue could have been taken to a further point, but we get the idea.  Supplies are low, and while the food situation hasn’t been figured out yet, the dome, and Big Jim, have helped to provide some water.  Mythology, particularly relating to Norrie and Joe’s relationship with the dome, was a big part of what made “The Endless Thirst” so much better than previous weeks.  But while the show is starting to show signs of life like the dome itself, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

under the dome endless thirstEpisode Rating: B

Musings and Miscellanea: 

— For those wondering, apparently they did evacuate the area around the dome before they set off that bomb.

— I’m surprised the townsfolk didn’t kill Alice once they found out it was her insulin-lacking wandering that basically caused the water tank to flood.

— Norrie saying “I can’t just let my mom die. Not like this” seems to suggest that there is a way to let her mom die.

— Dodie and Julia didn’t really react much to the video of Joe and Norrie, not even the creepy-ass “shhhh” that Joe gave the camera in the middle of it.  That alone should be worth something.  It was good that Julia wanted to protect them from the irrational town, though.

— Linda is really quick to put Barbie and Julia together, isn’t she?  She doesn’t even officially know what happened to Julia’s husband, but she’s already counseling Barbie on their affair! (The kiss was nice, though).

— So the dome is sentient?  Perhaps.

— Barbie really loves strangling people.

— Poor Angie, but dear lord, thankfully Big Jim struck a deal with her to protect her from his psycho son. I loved his “The boy ain’t right …” moment.