CBS Renews UNDER THE DOME; Stephen King To Write First Episode of Season 2

     July 29, 2013


For those who felt that Under the Dome, CBS’s adaptation of the Stephen King novel about a town suddenly sealed off from the rest of the world, was already moving at a glacial pace: surprise!  CBS plans to drag things out even more by giving the show another season, even though it was originally advertised as a 13-episode miniseries.

The series has been a ratings hit for the network in the dead zone that is summer TV.  Therefore, despite other broadcast networks like NBC saying at the Television Critics Tour (currently going on in Los Angeles) that they plan to invest in more miniseries and limited series (which should help save and better define broadcast fare), CBS clearly has no real reason to change, quality be damned.  Hit the jump for more.

under-the-dome-season-2Under the Dome has not only pulled in a huge numbers in the ratings share in its Monday night slot (averaging 13.84 million viewers a week), but it has also put up decent numbers from DVR and Amazon Prime playbacks as well.  According to EW, CBS Chairman Les Moonves told reporters at TCA: “It’s the way television should be.  It’s the way television can be.”

Numbers-wise, ok.  But quality wise, is it?  Really?  For those who have been following the apocalyptic series week to week there has been a feeling of continual frustration at the lack of stakes for those trapped under the dome, plus a lack of interest regarding the characters and their watered-down stories.  Still, there was hope that by the end of the thirteen episodes, resolve would be found.  That seems wholly unlikely now.

Stephen King’s continued involvement with the series could be a good sign, as he is said to be writing the first episode of the second season.  Although, that seems to be the same kind of vague hope that has sedated the endangered denizens of Chester’s Mill … which so far, has not done them any good.

Under the Dome airs Monday nights at 10 p.m. on CBS.