‘Underworld: Blood Wars’ New Trailer: Winter Is Coming for Kate Beckinsale

     November 10, 2016


There are more blockbuster films this year with kickass leading ladies at the forefront, and the vampire Selene is another one. Kate Beckinsale is out for blood in the new trailer for Underworld: Blood Wars, which has a lot more footage of the upcoming stand-off between lychans and bloodsuckers. But don’t fret. The franchise’s fearless leader isn’t worried.

After her own kind banished her and hunted to the ends of the earth, Selene is now called back to help save her dying vampire coven. The lychans now have a new leader, Marius (Tobias Menzies), and he’s looking to wipe out these demons of the night, but he needs Selene’s blood to do it.

Watch the new trailer below.

Charles Dance returns as the much more friendly Thomas, along with Theo James as David. True Blood star Laura Pulver, who played a fairy on the HBO series, turns to the dark side in portraying a new vampire named Semira. Blood Wars, the feature film directorial debut of Anna Foerster (Outlander), also flaunts some new abilities for Selene, who goes through a bit of a rebirth after she travels North. Shen then emerges as a speedster vampire with the powers to slaughter her enemies. You know, family fun times!

Underworld: Blood Wars also features James Faulkner, Peter Andersson, Bradley James, Daisy Head, and Clementine Nicholson. The film will open in theaters this January 6th. Here’s the official synopsis:

Under the new leadership of Marius, the Lycans have increased in numbers and strength and have decimated many of the vampire covens throughout the world. With the Vampire race being on the brink of extinction, it is up to Selene to save the very coven which banished her and hunted her down as a criminal. Selene must become stronger than ever to defeat what’s in store for her next.


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