Universal Acquires BLACK BOX from David Guggenheim; Sony Negotiates for ROCKETS’ RED GLARE from BLACK HAWK DOWN Team

     September 13, 2012


In acquisition news today, Universal landed a hot property while Sony is in talks to pick up another.  Here’s the info at a glance:

  • Universal Pictures picks up Black Box, a script from Safe House scribe, David Guggenheim.  The picture, centering on the black box aboard Air Force One, is pitched as Enemy of the State-meets-Three Days of the Condor.
  • Sony Pictures is in negotiations to pick up Rockets’ Red Glare, a spec script from Ken Nolan with Neal Moritz (both of Black Hawk Down) set to produce.  The picture follows a border patrol agent protecting a high-ranking Mexican drug cartel member from assassination in order to earn an $8 billion payday.

Hit the jump for more on both acquisitions.

david-guggenheim-black-boxFirst up from Heat Vision is the report of Universal’s acquisition of Black Box.  The political thriller centers on the initial crashing of Air Force One.  An investigator in the crash finds himself in the crosshairs when the plane’s black box gives a different account of the events from the official story, which says the crash was due to technical difficulties.  All the major studios came calling to the bidding for Black Box; Warner Bros. even brought Bradley Cooper along to star and produce.  Ultimately, Universal won the day. Scott Stuber’s Bluegrass Films and Madhouse Entertainment are also reportedly attached to produce Black Box.

Variety brings word on Sony’s negotiations for Rockets’ Red Glare.  The story follows a CFO of a Mexican drug cartel who surrenders to a rural Texas border patrol agent and pleads for protection and immunity in exchange for $8 billion.  Easy money, right? But the 72 hour window soon becomes fraught with assassination attempts as the cartel makes the man a high priority and escalates the situation to a level of national security.

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