100+ Images Transport You from ‘Coraline’ to ‘Kubo’ at Universal Studios Magical LAIKA Experience

     August 8, 2016

universal-studios-laika-paranormanLAIKA animation studio, the creators of the upcoming epic adventure film, Kubo and the Two Strings, out in theaters on August 19th, is currently presenting the special exhibit “From Coraline to Kubo: A Magical LAIKA Experience” at Universal Studios Hollywood through August 14th.

Held at the Globe Theatre and included with the price of admission to the theme park, this innovative, first-ever interactive event features a rare up-close look at the artistic detail and imagination behind LAIKA’s groundbreaking ten-year filmmaking history, which also includes Coraline, ParaNorman and The Boxtrolls. The extensive display is brought to life in four themed rooms – one for each film – that allow you to look at the sets, props and handcrafted stop-motion figures from every angle. Whether you’re a fan of any one or all of the films, you appreciate the stop-motion craft, or you’re being introduced to the fantastical worlds for the first time, it is easy to get lost in the imagination of LAIKA President and CEO Travis Knight and his team of creatives.

Check out our images from the experience. All photos by Christina Radish.


laika-exhibit-02 laika-exhibit-03 laika-exhibit-04 laika-exhibit-05

laika-exhibit-06 laika-exhibit-07 laika-exhibit-08 laika-exhibit-09 laika-exhibit-10

laika-exhibit-11 laika-exhibit-12 laika-exhibit-13 laika-exhibit-14

laika-exhibit-15 laika-exhibit-16 laika-exhibit-17 laika-exhibit-18

laika-exhibit-19 laika-exhibit-20 laika-exhibit-21 laika-exhibit-22 laika-exhibit-23

laika-exhibit-24 laika-exhibit-25 laika-exhibit-26 laika-exhibit-27

laika-exhibit-28 laika-exhibit-29 laika-exhibit-30 laika-exhibit-31

laika-exhibit-32 laika-exhibit-33 laika-exhibit-34 laika-exhibit-35

laika-exhibit-36 laika-exhibit-37 laika-exhibit-38 laika-exhibit-39 laika-exhibit-40

laika-exhibit-41 laika-exhibit-42 laika-exhibit-43 laika-exhibit-44

laika-exhibit-45 laika-exhibit-46 laika-exhibit-47 laika-exhibit-48

laika-exhibit-49 laika-exhibit-50 laika-exhibit-51 laika-exhibit-52 laika-exhibit-53

laika-exhibit-54 laika-exhibit-55 laika-exhibit-56 laika-exhibit-57

laika-exhibit-58 laika-exhibit-59 laika-exhibit-60 laika-exhibit-61

laika-exhibit-62 laika-exhibit-63 laika-exhibit-64 laika-exhibit-65

laika-exhibit-66 laika-exhibit-67 laika-exhibit-68 laika-exhibit-69

laika-exhibit-70 laika-exhibit-71 laika-exhibit-72 laika-exhibit-73

laika-exhibit-74 laika-exhibit-75 laika-exhibit-76 laika-exhibit-77

laika-exhibit-78 laika-exhibit-79 laika-exhibit-80 laika-exhibit-81

laika-exhibit-82 laika-exhibit-83 laika-exhibit-84 laika-exhibit-85

laika-exhibit-86 laika-exhibit-87 laika-exhibit-88 laika-exhibit-89 laika-exhibit-90 laika-exhibit-91

laika-exhibit-92 laika-exhibit-93 laika-exhibit-94 laika-exhibit-95

laika-exhibit-96 laika-exhibit-97 laika-exhibit-98 laika-exhibit-99

laika-exhibit-100 laika-exhibit-101 laika-exhibit-102 laika-exhibit-103

laika-exhibit-104 laika-exhibit-105 laika-exhibit-106 laika-exhibit-107

laika-exhibit-108 laika-exhibit-109 laika-exhibit-110 laika-exhibit-111

laika-exhibit-112 laika-exhibit-113 laika-exhibit-114 laika-exhibit-115

laika-exhibit-116 laika-exhibit-117 laika-exhibit-118 laika-exhibit-119

laika-exhibit-120 laika-exhibit-121 laika-exhibit-122

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