‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Revival In the Works at Netflix

     January 18, 2019


Netflix and Stranger Things executive producer Shawn Levy are teaming back up on a revival of Unsolved Mysteries, the long-running TV series featuring reenactments of true crimes and paranormal activity.

Unsolved Mysteries ran on NBC from 1987 to 1997 before bouncing around various networks, and I can’t tell you how many episodes I watched as a kid thanks to the winning combination of mystery, murder, and of course, the show’s deep-voiced host, Robert Stack. Plus, who could forget that iconic music? Given the true crime boom on television, it makes perfect sense that Netflix would want to bring this show back, and who better to oversee things than Levy, who has become a proven hitmaker for the streaming service.


Image via NBC

Levy’s 21 Laps banner will produce in association with Cosgrove-Meurer Productions, the original production company behind the show. Levy will work with original creators John Cosgrove and Terry Dunn Meurer. Levy, Cosgrove and Josh Barry will serve as executive producers and Dunn Meurer will serve as showrunner alongside Robert Wise, who will be credited as a co-executive producer.

Right now, Deadline says that Unsolved Mysteries will be a 12-episode series, with each episode focusing on a single mystery that will be brought to life via reenactments. It’ll be interesting to see whether Netflix casts celebrities in those reenactments, or whether they’ll rely on an ensemble of unknowns. Casting familiar faces would certainly boost the show’s appeal, though the original series was a hit without name actors. There will also be interviews with family members and law enforcement officials, just like in most true crime documentaries.

Cosgrove and Meurer have been bracing for this news and have already spent more than a year researching various cases so they could hit the ground running when the time came for a deal. I can’t wait to see what they come up with, though I do feel they could be hindered by the internet this time around, as anything truly bizarre and headline-worthy likely would have already made the rounds on social media, thus eliminating the element of surprise.

Either way, Unsolved Mysteries should be another highly binge-worthy show for Netflix, and with Levy putting his winning touch on things, it’s possible the revamp could even surpass the original. In the end, it’ll all come down to the new host, seeing as Stack died in 2003. Any suggestions?


Image via NBC