Trailer for UNSTOPPABLE Starring Denzel Washington and Chris Pine

     August 6, 2010


The trailer for Tony Scott’s Unstoppable makes the flick look like a parody of a real movie.  Unstoppable is about a train that can’t slow down and it’s up to a veteran and rookie conductor to stop the train before its freight of hazardous chemicals collides with a town and kills all the innocent people.  It sounds a little cable B-movie and beneath the star power of Denzel Washington and Chris Pine, but okay.  But then the dialogue is just golden:  “We’re not just talking about a train!” shouts Rosario Dawson. “We’re talking about a missile the size of the Chrysler building!”

And then…”It gets worse.”  Students are coming in on a field trip on another track.  After that revelation, I expected them to continue, “And the cure for cancer is on board that train and so are the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders!  Oh, and there’s also the 2,000-year-old tears of Christ somewhere in the back.  Simply put: it would be bad if this train crashed.”  Hit the jump to watch this hilariously bad trailer.  Unstoppable opens on November 12th.

Click over to MSN Movies to see the trailer in HD.


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