2016 Blockbuster Preview: From ‘Batman v Superman’ to ‘Fantastic Beasts’

     January 8, 2016


As the mid-budget drama continues to disappear, studios are becoming more and more focused on their blockbusters, films that they hope will make boatloads of money and jump-start a new franchise, reboot an old franchise, or kick off a shared universe. Every year, they funnel insane amounts of money into giant films that aim to please and entertain audiences en masse, and every year we get a mix of those that work, those that don’t, and those that really don’t. Case in point: 2015 gave us the glorious masterpiece that is Mad Max: Fury Road, the refreshingly character-focused Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, and the abysmal, wholly uninteresting Terminator Genisys. What delightful surprises and crushing disappointments will 2016 have in store for us? At this point we have no clue as to the quality of the blockbusters ahead of us, but that’ll change soon as 2016 is offering essentially year-round tentpoles, with our first major studio film—a superhero movie, no less—arriving in February.

The sheer glut of blockbusters heading our way can be daunting, so we here at Collider assembled this preview piece to highlight some of the bigger/more notable ones on tap for release in 2016. This isn’t a comprehensive list (oh yes, there are plenty more), but it’s an overview of some of the bigger films headed our way with an aim towards showcasing the variety we’ll see at multiplexes. And boy is there a lot to be excited about. So with that, let’s get started.

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