Upcoming Netflix Movie Release Dates

     September 20, 2019

If it seems as though Netflix is releasing a new original film each week it’s because, well, they nearly are. Director Cary Fukunaga’s Beasts of No Nation marked the first “Netflix Original Film” back in 2015, and since that time Netflix has ramped up both production and acquisition of original films to debut exclusively on the streaming service. They range from romcoms like To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before to Oscar-winning dramas like Roma to even blockbusters like Bright, and Netflix is showing no signs of slowing down.

So with so many upcoming Netflix movies in the works, we’ve put together a handy release calendar of which Netflix original films are coming out when. Netflix doesn’t tend to announce release dates very far out so this list may seem limited in scope, but we’ve also included rundowns for some of the major Netflix movies coming this year that haven’t yet been dated—like Martin Scorsese’s highly anticipated The Irishman.

This page will be continually updated with new information as it’s officially released, but for now you can peruse the upcoming Netflix movies that have been announced thus far, along with what each is about, who’s in it, and who made it.

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