New Trailer and Poster for UPSIDE DOWN Starring Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess

     January 24, 2013


A new trailer and poster for the sci-fi romantic thriller Upside Down have been released online.  Directed by Juan Solanas (Northeast), the film is a love story told across two separate universes. Jim Sturgess plays a man who falls in love with a woman (Kirsten Dunst) when he catches a glimpse of her on his television screen as a child. His infatuation continues to grow, but he’s hindered by the fact that she lives in an inverted universe separate from his that has its own gravity.  It’s a neat premise, and I really like the visuals that are on display in this trailer.

Hit the jump to watch the new trailer and check out a new poster.  Upside Down opens on March 15th.

Via Yahoo!.

Here’s the official synopsis for Upside Down:

Kept apart from the girl he has loved his entire life; Adam must fight to reunite with Eden. But the laws of his world as well as the laws of gravity keep him from her. Adam must risk everything to access the forbidden world of affluence that exists literally above him. As he struggles to keep the authorities from discovering him while manipulating the gravitational force that physically pulls him back to his world, Adam faces insurmountable danger in hopes of finding his long-lost love.


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