Warner Bros. Developing USS Indianapolis Film; THE PACIFIC’s Robert Schenkkan to Write the Script Based on the Life of Hunter Scott

     August 17, 2011


While many of us were first introduced to the sinking of the USS Indianapolis through Robert Shaw’s timeless recollection in Jaws, its demise in 1945 remains the single greatest loss of life in U.S. Navy history. As a result, its sinking continues to be of interest for those in the film industry. Warner Bros. helps provide evidence for my last statement as they have acquired the life rights to 11 year-old Hunter Scott with the intention of turning it into a feature film. Heat Vision reports that the studio, alongside Robert and Susan Downey of Team Downey, have acquired Scott’s rights and hired scribe Robert Schenkkan (HBO’s The Pacific) to pen the screenplay.

For those unfamiliar, at the ripe age of 11, Scott learned of the Indianapolis via the aforementioned scene from Jaws and subsequently took it upon himself to help clear the name of the Indianapolis’ late, court-martialed captain, Charles McVay. His research led to him testify before Congress on McVay’s behalf and to the eventual clearing of the captain’s official record. Per the report, Warner Bros. is not the first to take a crack at Scott’s story as J.J. Abrams attempted to bring it to the silver screen for Universal who put it into turnaround a few years ago.

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