Uwe Boll Dissed Again!

     May 22, 2008

Written by Nicole Pedersen

The latest dreck from German director Uwe Boll is set for release this Friday, but if you were actually looking forward to seeing “Postal” (no judgments here) you may be disappointed. The “darkly comic” film has had its theatrical bookings slashed from 1,500 locations to just 13-15, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Postal” centers on a man who, in the process of robbing an amusement park, encounters the Taliban – and they are not there for the cotton candy. The film’s overt references to the attacks of September 11th and to the war on terror have been drawing harsh critical response since early footage of a plane crashing into a skyscraper leaked out months ago. Of course, Uwe Boll is capable of drawing ‘harsh criticism’ without referencing September 11th – he is one of the most critically reviled film directors working today – and he’s got the petition (StopUweBoll.org) to prove it!

The decision to scale back the “Postal” debut this Friday was due in part to the refusal of the AMC chain to carry the film. “We carefully evaluate the movies that we choose to play in our theaters and elected not to put this film in our theaters because we feel is does not have potential for commercial success in the U.S,” an AMC spokesman stated. A simple, “we thought the movie sucked” would have sufficed.

As for Boll, he was more understated about the “Postal” setback than usual. “This is for me very disappointing, to be honest,” the director said Wednesday. “They don’t like the political content. This is my personal feeling after trying for four or five weeks to get the distributors to book it.”

Right Uwe, it’s the political stuff they don’t like. I wonder what they didn’t like in your last five films. Do audiences have a thing against video-games and gore? I didn’t think so, but there has to be a reason that your films are universally shunned. I’ll think about it and get back to you.

At this point I would normally include a link to The Hollywood Reporter story, to see why I haven’t read this.

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