Uwe Boll Exclusive Video Interview – POSTAL

     May 23, 2008

Uwe Boll.

Just hearing his name can cause craziness among cinefiles. Some think he’s the worst thing to ever happen to filmmaking, and some think he’s Ed Wood reborn. While I fall on the side of let him do what he wants, I’ll admit his track record isn’t too good. But with his new movie “Postal,” Uwe is hoping to finally win over critics and fans.

Will it work…who knows.

However, in the last year or so, Uwe has gone from getting upset at his detractors to almost egging them on. It’s almost as if he finally gets it…and he’s playing it up to gain even more attention.

So when I sat down with him a little while ago to promote his new movie, I didn’t know what to expect. Would I get the Uwe that’s a lose canon, or would I get someone that had a lot to say about not only his new movie…but his place in cinema.

I’ll let you decide for yourself…

Posted below is a pretty long interview. Due to the length, I’ve divided it up into three parts. As always, I listed what the questions I asked so you can decide what you want to watch.

And for those that want to see his latest film “Postal”…unfortunately the film didn’t get released the way it was supposed to…so unless you live in one of the 8 cities playing it, you’ll probably have to wait for DVD.

Here’s Uwe.

Uwe Boll Video Interview Part 1

  • He talks about the screening the night before and the party
  • He talks about the film and how it came together
  • He pokes gun at himself in the movie…he talks about that
  • I ask….all filmmakers get criticisms, but you seem to have gotten more than is normal for a director. Does the criticism bother you much? If so, how do you handle that?

Uwe Boll Video Interview Part 2

  • In reference to how he picks projects, is there anything specific that draws him to video game properties
  • You’ve made some pretty strong statements about other filmmakers, and about your own level of talent. Are your statements about other filmmakers meant to be inflammatory? Do you feel they’ve been taken out of context or blown out of proportion? Are there any current filmmakers you admire?

Uwe Boll Video Interview Part 3

  • I ask him about 3D filmmaking and if he’s thinking about it
  • Do you think the makers of Stride gum have anything against you personally? Are planning any counter attacks against Stride Gum?
  • What’s your least favorite Michael Bay movie, and why? If you had directed Transformers, what would you have done differently?
  • What do you have coming up?
  • I ask if he’s trying to tackle more socially relevant material

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