Uwe Boll goes POSTAL with New Clips

     March 31, 2008

As Collider’s resident Boll-phile, I find myself writing a lot of short articles about the guy. They usually go like this.

A: Uwe Boll is infamous

B: He makes a lot of movies

C: People hate him

D: I think he’s a nice guy

E: He is definitely NOT making bad movies on purpose.

F: That said, his previous movies have not been very good, but I sincerely hope that his next one is better.

You can basically mix up the order and post the same article more than once. I’ve done it so many times that I’m just gonna stick with posting my template.

Below are some scenes from Boll’s new movie, Postal, a videogame movie that appears to be about boobs and explosions. The film is a comedy that Boll is releasing against Indiana Jones on May 23rd. It’s actually gotten some pretty good notices.

Postal Movie Trailer

Postal opening 3 minutes

All the clips below feature Verne Troyer trash talking Indiana Jones. Some are safe for all ages…and some aren’t.

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