Watch Paul Thomas Anderson’s New Short Film ‘Valentine’ with HAIM

     September 25, 2017


The Paul Thomas Anderson and HAIM collaboration continues. Earlier this year, the band HAIM released what appeared to be a music video for “Right Now” directed by Anderson. The There Will Be Blood and Boogie Nights filmmaker shot the whole thing on 35mm and it was basically a single take of the band performing the song live, as told through Anderson’s camera. As it turns out, that was simply one part of a new short film from Anderson called Valentine, which is a series of HAIM live-to-tape performances recorded in studio for their sophomore album Something to Tell You. The result is a brilliant blend of cinema and music that is a pure delight from beginning to end.

The film was accompanied by the following note, shared by the band:

So here we are! About to release our short little film valentine into the world! We’ve been holding this back until we thought it was the perfect time for you guys to see it. We wanted to wait until u guys were familiar with the record so u could get a sneapk peek into how we made some of our favorite songs. We’ve been fans of paul’s since the first time we saw boogie nights on tbs when we were kids (highly edited for cable tv lol). Growing up he WAS the valet. We grew up on magnolia street! His films are our favorites. Fast forward to meeting him and eventually becoming friends and wanting to work on something together. He came in when we were both in the thick of it – we were smack dab in the middle of our record, and he was preparing to film his next brilliant movie. So we thought, why don’t we ust throw caution to the wind and film our process? Film where we were at that point in time—figuring out arrangements. Figuring out parts. Getting in the room and wood shedding these songs in one of our favorite studios in los angeles – valentine recording studios. A studio that was locked up since the 60s and was left untouched until 2 years ago. All recorded live to film and to tape. We ended up using a lot of what we recorded there on the finished album. Hope you guys like it.

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