Bryan Fuller to Help Bring ‘The Vampire Chronicles’ TV Series to Life

     January 12, 2018


Some good news for Bryan Fuller fans, Anne Rice fans, and the healthy crossover between those fandoms that is undoubtedly about to get a bit bigger: Fuller has come onboard the creative team behind The Vampire Chronicles, a TV series adaptation of Rice’s most popular and celebrated works. The project aims to bring the vampire Lestat’s globe-trotting journey to the small screen, with a focus on providing “a prestigious, long-form, high quality and high production value” series. Fuller, the creative force behind such fan-favorite series as Pushing DaisiesHannibalAmerican Gods and Star Trek: Discovery, is a solid choice.

Anne and Christopher Rice welcomed Fuller into the creative team / vampire family for The Vampire Chronicles, a Paramount Television and Anonymous Content production. In addition to Fuller’s ability to craft rich, luxurious worlds in which he sets complex and many-layered narratives, he’s a lifelong fan of Rice’s work. Christopher shared an anecdote about one of Fuller’s earliest interactions with the family and how his dream to be a part of an adaptation of The Vampire Chronicles has finally come true. According to Rice’s Facebook post, the team has been developing the written material for Lestat’s tale for a months now, and they hope to share more exciting developments with their fans in the months ahead.

Check out the full announcement below:

And Fuller’s response on Twitter was pitch-perfect: