First ‘Veep’ Season 6 Trailer Follows Selina’s Post-Presidential Life

     March 14, 2017


When Veep‘s fifth season was airing last summer, Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) seemed like the most unlikely President the United States could ever have. And then, a few months later, Donald Trump won the election and all bets were off. For fans of Veep, one of the first thoughts in the wake of that was how the show could survive in a political landscape that seemed like it was taken directly from the show. If the ridiculousness of politics had eclipsed HBO’s biting satire, where could it go next?

Season 5 concluded Selina’s brief run as interim President, one never formally elected by the people, when her opponent’s VP was given the job after a tie-breaking vote in Congress. Once Selina became President at the start of that season, it had seemed like the show might have lost its major conflict — Selina futilely grasping at power — but Veep found a way to never make her position feel secure. And sure enough, by the season’s end, she had been dethroned.

Season 6, then, takes a step back and follows Selina’s life as an ex-President, one who is still looking to stay relevant and not leave the limelight as she struggles to find her place. She’s flanked, as always, but her loyal right-hand man Gary (Tony Hale), who she sends towards potential landminds, as well as the bumbling Mike (Matt Walsh), who Selina refers to as “the world’s least-fucked geisha” after his poor attempts at applying sunscreen. Check out the new trailer below:

The trailer is, of course, filled with foul-mouthed epitaphs, but that style of speech isn’t as appreciated outside of the White House, as Amy (Anna Chlumsky) finds as she runs a governor’s campaign. Though we don’t see Dan (Reid Scott) in this trailer, we can assume that he’s off trying to schmooze his way back into power somewhere. Jonah (Timothy Simons), however, does show up as a newly minted congressman who Selina is preparing to completely eviscerate.

Per usual, it seems like Veep‘s new season will be again full of biting satire, acidic comebacks, and a no-mercy approach to the vainglorious tactics of modern politics in America. And while it seems like we’re surrounded by nothing but that in our real lives right now, Veep‘s return is still a welcomed reprieve from that other, far more troubling reality.

Veep Season 6, which also stars Gary Cole, Sam Richardson, Sufe Bradshaw, and Kevin Dunn, premieres April 16th at 10:30 p.m. on HBO.