Friday Box Office: ‘Venom’ Bonds with Audiences for $32.7 Million

     October 6, 2018

venom-movie-sliceThe October movie season kicked off with the definition of variety—would you like to see Lady Gaga break hearts or Tom Hardy devour heads?—and the result is a massive, record-breaking start to the month. Sony’s Venom is the big winner, gobbling up $32.7 million on Friday night on its way to a massive projected total of $80 million. (For what it’s worth, Sony itself is thinking more like $70 million.) Either way, should Ruben Fleischer‘s anti-hero holds steady, that opening weekend haul would easily overtake the October record from Gravity‘s $55.7 million debut in 2013. Finally, we have an actual definition for what a turd in the wind’s momentum might look like and folks, it is impressive.

Venom stars Hardy as journalist Eddie Brock, who becomes body-bros with an alien organism known as Venom (also voiced by Hardy in a downright insane double role). The film is having a hit-or-miss time with critics—our own Perri Nemiroff called it an “actual turd in the wind”—but Hardy’s batty performance admittedly makes Venom an absolute blast and audiences are responding. The film currently has a B+ CinemaScore.

In a completely different universe, the much-buzzed-about A Star Is Born got off to a $15.8 million start, a good sign for an R-rated film opening across from a Marvel property. The movie—the third remake since the 1974 original to tell the story of a doomed star and his young protege—marks the directorial debut of Bradley Cooper, who also stars as tinnitus-inflicted rocker Jackson Maine.

Cooper’s film is projected to nab not only a $44 million opening weekend but also every Oscar known to mankind, plus a couple they probably invent solely for A Star Is Born. It’s early in the day so I won’t link to the song “Shallow”, the lock for Best Original Song that will get stuck in your head for hours. (I’m kidding, here it is.)

Take a look at Friday’s numbers below and check back tomorrow for full weekend estimates.

Rank Title Friday Total
1. Venom $32,750,000 $32,750,000
2. A Star Is Born $15,800,000 $15,800,000
3. Smallfoot $3,500,000 $31,360,945
4. Night School $3,482,000 $37,958,355
5. The House With a Clock in its Walls $1,779,000 $49,535,560

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