First Trailer for ‘The Venture Bros.’ Season 7 Promises a Return to Form and Upgraded Animation

     July 21, 2018


The wait is almost over for the new season of Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim darling, The Venture Bros., as confirmed by the newly revealed Season 7 trailer. Creator Chris McCulloch, a.k.a. Jackson Publick, will bring the Venture Family and their crazy cohorts–allies and antagonists alike–back to the small screen for a thrilling adventure early this August.

As you can tell from the trailer, it doesn’t look like The Venture Bros. has missed a step when it comes to insane action, characters so crazy they should be locked up, and irreverent humor that comes as a refreshing palate cleanser in this increasingly conservative and instantly offended times. (We welcome you back with open arms, Venture Bros!) And as a bonus, the animation seems to have caught up with the modern era as it looks crisper and more fluid than ever before. Just as Hank!

Check out the trailer for The Venture Bros. Season 7 below:

The Venture Bros. returns Sunday, August 5th @ Midnight ET. Watch Full Episodes!


About The Venture Bros.: The Venture Bros. is Adult Swim’s fan-favorite parody of the great action/adventure cartoons of yesteryear. Tune in to watch Dr. “Rusty” Venture and his twin boys, Hank and Dean, as they clash against arch-enemies, killer mutants, invading aliens and more. Joining them is a massive pantheon of incredible characters like Brock Samson, Dr. Orpheus, The Monarch, Sgt. Hatred, Henchman 21, and so many more that it would be unwise to attempt a full list. Kick danger right in the sweet meats by watching The Venture Bros. at

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Image via Adult Swim, Dark Horse Comics