Watch the First Two Minutes of the VERONICA MARS Movie

     February 28, 2014


In a solid effort to bring in new viewers, and to further entice long time fans, the first two minutes of the highly anticipated Veronica Mars movie have been released.  Told in classic Veronica (Kristen Bell) voiceover, the sneak peek offers a look into what has transpired in the ten years or so since we last saw Veronica at the end of season three.  Thankfully, it doesn’t give any spoilers for the big mysteries over the course of the three seasons, but it does play up the main romance of the show between Veronica and her sometimes lover, never friend Logan (Jason Dohring).  What happens to the other characters around can be expected to be elaborated in the movie, but Veronica and Logan definitely appear to be at the forefront for the focus of the movie.  For those mildly interested in the movie, but not sure about whether they’ll like it, it definitely gives a succinct look into the world, and sets up the tone and humor for what they can expect from the movie, and the past three television seasons as well.

The trailer provides a good look at what to to expect from the movie itself, including a new case for Veronica, and a tumultuous high school reunion as a centerpiece for the plot.  For a further look into what to expect from the Veronica Mars movie, check out Collider’s set visit, as well as interviews with creator/director Rob Thomas and star Jason Dohring.  More interviews are to come in the weeks leading up to the release.  Hit the jump for the two minute sneak peek.


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