A ‘Veronica Mars’ Revival Series Could be Heading to Hulu

     August 21, 2018


It looks like Veronica Mars might be heading back to the small screen, as was prognosticated by our own Craig Byrne back in 2016. The series had a Kickstarter movie that was distributed in 2014, but since everything that’s old is new again, now is the time to bring the series back, apparently. Why not? As Craig wrote at the time:

Yes, Kristen Bell is busy with her own NBC show right now. Yes, creator Rob Thomas has iZombie and The CW’s upcoming Lost Boys movie revival happening. But also, yes, the Veronica Mars movie was fantastic, and Thomas has been known to give his earlier projects second tries before.


Image via The WB

If Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life is a success — and who are we kidding, it’s definitely going to be — more shows of that era are sure to be looked into. And if Bell, Thomas, and key players are willing, wouldn’t at least a short-run Veronica Mars season be fun?

If that doesn’t happen, perhaps the concept could be completely revived in this social media era where it might get more attention from the very beginning. The problem, however, is that any successor to the Veronica role might pale in comparison to the original Kristen Bell recipe.

Now, according to Variety, it’s all happening. Maybe. Though neither Hulu or Warner Bros have officially commented, and the publication notes “Sources caution, however, that the deal for the series is not yet final. It is also unknown if any other original series stars besides Bell would return or what the plot of the series would be.” And, Bell is of course currently starring in The Good Place on NBC, which means that Veronica Mars would likely have to be a limited series, or at least have an limited episode count.

Let us know your thoughts on the revival in the comments! Which characters would you like to see involved, and where should the story pick up?