‘Veronica Mars’ Season 4 Makes Surprise Debut on Hulu Today

     July 19, 2019


At today’s San Diego Comic-Con panel, star Kristen Bell made a surprise announcement that Season 4 of Veronica Mars is available on Hulu right now. The series had been teased as arriving on July 26th, but I guess Hulu decided to move it up a week to capitalize on the excitement from the show’s Comic-Con panel. The new season runs eight episodes and has Mars Investigations looking into a series of bombings that puts Veronica (Bell) and her father Keith (Enrico Colantoni) in the middle of a battle between Neptune’s wealthy elites who want to put an end to the spring break revelry and the working class that relies on the tourism dollars.

It will be interesting to see how this relaunch fares. Veronica Mars has been the little engine that could, using its cult following to propel it to three seasons, a movie, and now a fourth season. It’s unusual to get a new season over ten years since the show went off the air, but as Bell told the crowd at Comic-Con today, “I’ll play Veronica until everyone in Netpune is dead.” Judging by the devoted following that has kept the property going for so long, it may eventually come to that.

Here’s the official synopsis for Veronica Mars Season 4:

Spring breakers are getting murdered in Neptune, thereby decimating the seaside town’s lifeblood tourist industry. After Mars Investigations is hired by the family of one of the victims to find their son’s killer, Veronica is drawn into an epic eight-episode mystery that pits the enclave’s wealthy elites, who would rather put an end to the month-long bacchanalia, against a working class that relies on the cash influx that comes with being the West Coast’s answer to Daytona Beach.