Promo Poster for VICE Starring Bruce Willis, Ambyr Childers and Thomas Jane

     February 18, 2014


The latest installment of promo posters from Steve’s visit to Berlin’s European Film Market gives an early look at the sci-fi action-thriller, Vice.  While a lot of promo posters pop up for movies that will never see the light of day, Vice managed to sell to over 37 countries in one week, nearly selling out completely.  The recent news that Bruce Willis joined the picture likely helped sway buyers.  Also starring Ambyr Childers and Thomas Jane, Vice is set in a luxury resort of the future in which synthetic staff members tend to each and every whim of their rich and famous guests.  When a glitch allows one staffer to relive her previously wiped memories, she sets off on a path of revenge against those who have harmed her.  Hit the jump for more on Vice and to take a look at the promo poster.

Childers, who recently appeared in production company Emmett/Furla Films’ 2 Guns, will star as the synthetic staff member in question, with Willis starring as the resort owner.  Writers Andre Fabrizio and Jeremy Passmore had their spec script for Vice picked up by Emmett/Furla.  The project reunites the producers and writers with star Willis, who recently wrapped production on the trio’s thriller, The Prince.  Brian A. Miller, who directed The Prince, will return to helm Vice.  With the principal cast set and buyers around the world lined up, production is set to begin in Alabama this March.

Check out the promo poster below:


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