Video Blog: Disney’s Acquisition of Marvel – Peter and Steve Discuss the Pro’s and Con’s

     August 31, 2009

Marvel Disney video blog image - Mickey as Captain America Goofy as Thor and Submariner as Donald Duck.jpg

Early this morning, every fanboy and fangirl woke up to some shocking news…the Walt Disney company announced they were buying Marvel Entertainment for $4 Billion in cash and stock. Yes, $4 Billion. While some immediately thought this was the worst thing they’ve ever heard, others were excited by the possibilities of a merger between these two entertainment juggernauts. After all, combining all the characters of the Marvel universe with a company that owns theme parks, cable channels, and makes movies, the potential for even more Marvel characters getting a shot at prime time or a movie screen just increased.

Since this news was the type that Peter (Slashfilm) and I would talk about on the phone, we decided to record one of our video blogs to share our conversation online. So if you’d like to watch what Peter and I think about the deal and why we both think this could be a good thing…take a look after the jump:

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