Is Vin Diesel’s HANNIBAL THE CONQUEROR Trilogy Finally Moving Forward?

     December 21, 2012


Vin Diesel likes to talk about projects well in advance of them ever happening (if they even do), so take the following news with a grain of salt for now.  The actor has been trying to get a trilogy of films about Carthaginian commander Hannibal off the ground for years, intending to make his directorial debut on the projects.  Now the actor says he recently had a meeting with a studio that is keen on making all three films in his trilogy.  Hit the jump for more.

hannibal-the-conquerorDiesel recently took to his Facebook page to provide a promising (?) update on the project:

When a dream is born in your childhood…
When you spend a decade daring to pursue it…
The day, a head of a studio says… “I want to make all three films of your Hannibal trilogy!”
It takes a minute to sink in…
Shhhhh… it’s still sinking in.

Further details are non-existent, and we have no idea what studio Diesel is talking about at the moment.  A period trilogy about Hannibal the Conqueror can’t be cheap, so I find it dubious that a studio is willing to commit to all three films with Diesel at the helm.  It’s possible that Diesel may now just be starring in the films while a more experienced director is brought onto the project.  The message was just posted today, so we should hear more details one way or another soon.

Diesel will be seen next year the third film in his Chronicles of Riddick trilogy, Riddick, as well as Fast & Furious 6.


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