Vin Diesel Says Marvel Wants to Meet with Him

     June 26, 2013


Could Vin Diesel soon be adding “superhero movie” to his resume?  The web savvy actor took to his Facebook account today to reveal that he may be meeting with Marvel in the near future, saying “Marvel has requested a meeting… no idea what for… haha, you probably know better than me…”  This doesn’t mean that the Fast & Furious 6 star is definitely going to be in a Marvel movie, but it certainly sounds like the studio is interested in the actor for…something.  The presumed “Big Bad” for Marvel’s Phase Two is Thanos, with the character likely acting as the primary villain in The Avengers 2, and it’s not exactly a stretch to think of Diesel taking on the role.  Hit the jump for more.

vin-diesel-marvelIt’s important to keep in mind that Marvel has had numerous meetings with actors in the past that have yet to appear in Marvel movies.  The studio may simply want to gauge Diesel’s interest in appearing in a Marvel film down the line, or it’s also possible that they already have a role in mind.  At this point, all we have to go on is Diesel’s tantalizing Facebook message.

The studio recently announced firm release dates for three upcoming films, two set to open in 2016 and one for 2017.  The general consensus is that Marvel will reveal the identity of one or more of these films at Comic-Con next month, and it’s possible—though maybe not likely—that they’d like to announce Diesel as the star of one of these at the panel as well.  Should the actor sign on for a Marvel film, he would stand to make a considerable amount of money, and the likelihood of contract negotiations between he and the studio starting and concluding before Comic-Con kicks off in a little over three weeks might be a tad optimistic.

Even if Diesel doesn’t sign on for a Marvel movie, though, the actor is still going to be plenty busy in the near future.  Production begins on Fast & Furious 7 later this summer, and the actor is also poised to lead the action comedy The Machine and the actioner The Last Witch Hunter.  He has also been promising movement on his long-talked-about Hannibal pic, and aims to make two more Riddick sequels after the release of this September’s third installment.



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