Vin Diesel Says ‘Riddick 4’ and a TV Series Spinoff Are Happening

     November 21, 2015


Vin Diesel sure does like to talk about things, and he’s got a pretty big megaphone with which to do so. The actor is keen to taking to social media to tout impending announcements or, in the case of Guardians of the Galaxy, literally tease a job that he doesn’t even have yet. Regardless, sometimes this works, and sometimes we get things like Diesel hinting at himself directing Fast & Furious 8, which, even with all that 2015 money, Universal was never going to allow.

Enter Diesel’s latest announcement: something to do with The Chronicles of Riddick. The actor led the first installment of the sci-fi franchise, Pitch Black, which then led to two more sequels, The Chronicles of Riddick and most recently, Riddick. Now Diesel has taken to Instagram to announce that not only is franchise writer/director David Twohy getting ready to start writing the fourth installment of the series, but the franchise is expanding into the TV realm with something called Merc City.


Image via Universal Pictures

So that’s happening. Maybe. Possibly. To be fair, it seems fairly plausible that the TV show might actually get off the ground. One imagines something like that launching on a cable network like Syfy or TNT. Another film, however, is less certain. Riddick grossed $98 million worldwide against a reported budget of $38 million, which isn’t a disaster but isn’t necessarily super profitable either.

It’s possible Diesel and Twohy repeat their formula for Riddick, which was to make it for a low budget, and Diesel is certainly a draw for worldwide box office. His most recent non-Fast & Furious film was The Last Witch Hunter, which pretty much bombed domestically with a paltry $26 million, but has raked in over $72 million overseas. So when it comes to how real Riddick 4 is, it really could go either way.

Diesel is currently focused on a third installment in the xXx franchise that no one asked for, which recently secured D.J. Caruso (Disturbia) as its director. He’s also hard at work producing the eight Fast & Furious movie, which begins production next year with Straight Outta Compton helmer F. Gary Gray directing.

What say you, folks? Are you keen for more Riddick chronicles? Would you watch a TV show spinoff? Do you think these things will actually happen? Sound off in the comments below.


Image via Universal Pictures