Vince Vaughn Reunites with Ben Stiller for Akiva Schaffer’s NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH

     June 30, 2011


Vince Vaughn will reunite with Ben Stiller in Akiva Schaffer’s sci-fi comedy Neighborhood Watch.  According to THR, the plot revolves around a group of suburban dads that use a “neighborhood watch” as a cover to get some away-time from their families.  However, the ruse becomes complicated when the group uncovers a plan to destroy the world.  I will start praying that Vaughn and Stiller don’t reprise their roles as Fast-Talking-Wiseguy-Who-Gets-Humiliated and Timid-Neurotic-Guy, respectively.

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg wrote the most recent draft of the script.  Vaughn recently signed on to co-star in Lay the Favorite and he’s circling the comedies 2 Guns and Insane Laws.  The actor was recently seen in Ron Howard’s The Dilemma playing Fast-Talking-Wiseguy-Who-Gets-Humiliated.

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