Vincent Piazza – Exclusive Sundance Video Interview

     January 28, 2008

As most of you know, I sort of attended this year’s Sundance Film Festival. I say sort of, because when I first got there I got sick, and then days after getting better…I was struck down by the flu. So while I had all these plans to see movies, interview the filmmakers and actors, and also drink till the sun came up…all I managed to do was barely stay alive and conduct a few interviews. Considering my condition most of the time…it was actually a pretty good week.

So if you’ve been reading the site the past week or so…you may remember my promises of exclusive video interviews from Sudance. While I never got the chance to post any from Park City, tonight is the beginning of a massive week of exclusive interviews.

My goal is to post one every day, but on a night like tonight…when I’ll be posting three of them…I might wait two days for the next set. I’ve got so many to edit and render, it’s going to probably take me almost two weeks to get through them all. And the way I figure it…what’s the rush. If I post all of them in 3 days you won’t watch half of them anyway.

So posted below is the first video interview from Sundance. It wasn’t the first one I recorded, but Vincent was part of the “Assassination of a High School President” cast and that’s the theme of the night. In the coming hours I’ll have exclusive interviews with the two leads in the movie – Mischa Barton and Reece Thompson – and then I’ll have an interview with director Brett Simon. I’ll also have 5 movie clips from the film. It’s a lot of video…get ready.

Now about Vincent…

I met Vince at last year’s Sundance as he was there with the movie “Rocket Science.” In the movie Vince played Reece Thompson’s older brother and he did a great job with the supporting role.

And just like that film, in “Assassination of a High School President” Vince has a small role, but I think he steals a lot of the movie. The reason he’s so great is that he talks with this crazy accent that had all of us laughing. You wouldn’t believe he was faking it…the accent was that good. Eventually, when the movie gets released, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Butbefore getting to the interview…you should probably know what “Assassination of a High School President” is about…

Sophomore Bobby Funke (Reece Thompson) is a self-described newspaper dork whose social skills are severely lacking in the high school hierarchy. Determined to win a spot in a coveted summer journalism program, he finds himself at the epicenter of a story when the SAT’s are stolen. He realizes this is the perfect opportunity to make a name for himself. Of course, no one wants to help him and every character he meets along the way is crazier than the last.

Anyway, during our extended interview we talked about all his various projects including a pilot he did for NBC called “Blue Blood” that was directed by Brett Ratner, we go back and forth about “The Sopranos” as he did a few episodes, his Slamdance movie and a lot more. It’s a great interview and one that I think you’ll enjoy.

Of course I need to say thanks to Vincent for giving me his time…and with that…enjoy the interview. As always, I listed what we talked about above each section.

Vincent Piazza – Part 1

· How he got the role

· How long did it take to get the accent and learn the lines

· Working with Bruce Willis

· Goodbye, Baby talk – his other film at Slamdance

Vincent Piazza – Part 2

· Sopranos talk. He had done a few episodes.

· Finale talk…what does he think happened

Vincent Piazza – Part 3

· I ask what he has coming up. He just finished a pilot called Blue Blood for NBC and it was directed by Brett Ratner. He talks about his role, working with Brett, and what’s it about.

· I also ask was it weird to sign a contract with a network as they are usually 5 or 7 year contracts.

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