Comic-Con 2011: VOLTRON Panel Recap

     July 21, 2011


A short while ago, we posted the news that a deal has been signed with Relativity Media for a live-action Voltron movie. If that’s not enough to satiate your Voltron appetite, we’ve got a ton of info about the series video games, comics, graphic novels, TV series and toys. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Voltron, the premise is basically about five young pilots who command robotic lions that can combine into one all-powerful humanoid robot in order to defend the galaxy from evil. It was an iconic series both in Japan and in America back in the 1980s and I’m surprised its resurgence has taken this long (and I blame that mostly on Power Rangers). For a recap of all things Voltron-related, hit the jump.

voltron-imageThe Voltron panel was an assembly of all sorts of media heads: television producers, story editors, video game developers and graphic novel writers and artists. The common theme amongst the members of this group was their fond memories and earnest passion for Voltron. Keith Dawkins, the Senior Vice President of Nicktoons, had both the nostalgia for the cartoon of old and the guilty pleasure of watching the new incarnation, Voltron Force, with his own children. As their most watched premiere ever, Voltron Force seems to have found the perfect home at Nickelodeon.

Other than the show itself, one of the greatest things about the Voltron franchise has always been the toys. I, like many others, had the original, die-cast metal lions that combined into a towering Voltron figure, complete with blazing sword and a pack of choking-hazard missiles that shot out of the lions’ mouth. (Those were such simpler times.) Mattel is bringing back not only a new version of the original toys, but also a line of lions that resemble the current animation style of Voltron Force. You can sign up for Club Lion Force at to collect all 5 lions and form a 23’’ Voltron figure of your very own! Then, you and your friends can have a Voltron vs Robeast dance off!

If you like playing with the toys but lack the imagination of your childhood, THQ is developing a video game entitled Voltron: Defender of the Universe. With the re-mastered original series soundtrack, players can pilot the lions and play in co-op with 4 friends to form Voltron and battle robeasts. The game will be available as downloadable content on Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network starting this October. And if that’s still not enough Voltron for you, Dynamite Entertainment is publishing a “classic” Voltron comic series that is a celebration of the original cartoon and VIZ Media will produce a graphic novel based on the current Voltron Force series.

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