‘Voltron Legendary Defender’ Season 3 Finale Reveals the Mighty Robot’s Origin

     August 4, 2017


With Season 3 of Voltron Legendary Defender now on Netflix, the rebooted series of the 80s anime classic continues to get better and better. Fans have a wealth of information to take in despite the season’s relatively short, seven-episode run thanks in part to the show’s balance between honoring existing source material and striving forward into the unknown with original storytelling. A tip of the cap to showrunners Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery for that; keep an eye out for my interview with both executive producers early next week.

By the end of Season 2 (that’s your cue to skidoo if you’re not caught up), the Paladins (a.k.a. Voltron Lion pilots) had managed to defeat Emperor Zarkon and his Galra fleet but lost their own leader and Black Lion pilot, Shiro, in the process. With the head of Galra empire out of commission, his son Prince Lotor has stepped in to lead the armies as they fight to maintain control of their vast territory. Meanwhile, the Paladins continue their search for Shiro in order to complete their team and form Voltron iso that they may defend the recently liberated civilizations. That’s where Season 3 picks up, but there are a lot of reveals, confirmations, and connections to earlier episodes that occur in this short, but intense new season. Let’s get into it!


Image via Netflix

Spoilers ahead for anyone who hasn’t finished Season 3, available to stream now!

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